WordPress content management system. Blogs. Online stores. Communities. From a simple blog to a fully functional business website. With WordPress, practically every requirement for a website can be implemented. Without having to write a single line of code. And free extensions offer you almost limitless possibilities. WordPress is particularly recommended for small and medium-sized companies. With affordable, mature and user-friendly technologies.


Better and better. Always up-to-date. Every third website is based on WordPress. An open source application with a huge community. Unbeatably popular. Worldwide for over 10 years.


Simple. At any time. All over. Easy to use and understand without prior IT knowledge. Create a website with just a few clicks. Conveniently create and manage content.


Google loves WordPress! Easy keywording and categorization of content. Special extensions support to increase the visibility of your website in search engines significantly.


Creativity made easy. An almost inexhaustible amount of different, ready-made designs (themes). In many cases free of charge. Sometimes for a small fee.


A diverse, powerful selection. Extend WordPress with many ready-made, ready-to-use plug-ins. There are suitable solutions for almost every application.


WordPress? For sure! Security gaps (exploits) are quickly closed by the WordPress community. And many plug-ins can also increase the security of your website.


WordPress is an open source software and can be used free of charge. There are usually manageable costs for hosting, customization or special Pro extensions.


We are open! Sell your products or services online. With the powerful, free extension WooCommerce, creating a professional web shop becomes child's play.


We are a great team! The huge WordPress community is very helpful. You will undoubtedly find the answers you are looking for there. Fast, professional and unbureaucratic.