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What if marketing suddenly became easy and hassle free?
For us, everything starts with fresh coffee, good communication and ends with a satisfied client.

Passionate about helping our clients grow. Ambitious to achieve over-the-top results. Qumasys was recently officially rated one of the TOP 10 marketing agencies in Bali.

Take your business to the next level. Prepare for an awesome partnership. We are not just any supplier, we are part of your team.


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Captivate with purpose.

Your brand is not just a logo. It is a promise you make to your customers. It is the expectation that a customer associates with your name.

If you want to be a meaningful specific, keep your promise by being consistent in sending your message accross and give your audience values what you stand for.

Professional Websites

Meaningful. Purposeful. Beautiful.

Let the digital world know what you have to say. You get a modern, engaging website that delivers the results you expect. Your website loads extremely fast and looks great on all devices.
Now it’s time to pick a site.

Web Application Safety

Web attacks are inevitable. Data loss is not!

A normal website is attacked on average every 30 seconds. Especially when critical components are not up to date, it is only a matter of time before your website stops working and data is lost. We make your website safe!

Comboo Social Media Community Booster

Social Community Booster

Organic and viral growth

Grow your social communities up to 5x faster with our proven SADE-technology. SADE stands for (S)emi (A)utomized (D)ata (E)xtraction and finds your people based on the latest cognitive and behavioural sciences. Worldwide, geolocation specific and at any time. 100% targeted!

Paid Ads

Paid Ads

Focus on ROI

Several factors are crucial for successful paid campaigns. The speed of the landing page, the choice of the right keywords and the relevance of content are essential for more traffic, better conversion rates and maximum ROI (ROAS). We take all aspects into account so that your advertising budget is well invested.

Speed Optimization

Like a bat out of hell

A slow website impacts the performance of your business. Unhappy with your website speed? We analyse, accelerate your page loading time and overall performance. With intelligent caching, cloud solutions and code opitimization.


Search Engine Optimization

Still feeling lonely?

A website without SEO is like a rocket without fuel.
You can spend a fortune on a website, but it’s all for naught if nobody knows your website is out there. We ensure that you are found and also offer workshops and training courses on this topic.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

When you come upon a repetitive task … automize!

Lean back, save a lot of time and stop doing repetitive things manually.
Let us do the heavy lifting for you! We use cutting-edge technologies that automate most common digital processes.

Hospitality Marketing

Hospitality Marketing

Boost your direct bookings!

Increase the amount of direct bookings. How? A fast, easy to use website with integrated booking engine, a channel manager that can manage not only OTAs but also meta searches, packages etc., and the right marketing strategy saves commissions and is the foundation for organic, sustainable growth.

Video Content

Video Content

Emotion through motion!

Attract and engage more people with targeted, professional video content that supports your brand communication and identity. Videos are proven to be incredibly powerful for generating more leads and sales, improving your SEO ranking or educating and informing your audience.

Identify the essential. Eliminate the rest.

Understand. Simplify. DEliver.

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Help your audience make a decision. With relevant, credible content that adds real value.



Time to sell. Or to collect data. Or better yet, both. We create flexible solutions, not dead ends.



A satisfied customer is happy to come back and recommend you to others. Keep up the good work!

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Happy Clients
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May 2022 – Swissquote Events

WordPress Website, Design, App Development, Data Automation

Swissquote, one of the world’s largest online banks, is a premium sponsor of the UEFA Europa League and other major sporting events. In cooperation with our partners Nexcom IT Services GmbH, Bonn and bransandemotions frankfurt GmbH, we have developed an DIVI themed web application plus progressive web app for Swissquote’s event management. The collected data is sent to third-party applications for further processing.

April 2022 – fun4love online erotic store

Shopify Online Store, Design, Custom Features, Data Automation

fun4love is one of the leading online erotic shops in Germany. We gave the Shopify store a fresh look and developed several custom features for a better user experience. Since this is a drop-shipping store with around 5,500 products, we have implemented numerous, automated background processes such as inventory synchronization or e-invoicing. We are also constantly busy with SEO optimization and are currently planning sales funnels, including marketing via social media.

August 2022 – ecosmarthub building store

WordPress, Design, Custom Features, Performance Optimization

ecosmarthub is the leading supplier of innovative building materials and provider of modern and sustainable building solutions in Bali. We have re-designed and simplified the entire DIVI themed website. Drastically reduced loading times through intelligent caching and code optimization plus SEO optimization, lead to a signifiant better user acceptance and more traffic.



Anything is possible because of

our awesome partners.

Qumasys really helped us a lot when we were left with a half done website that only caused more headaches than it did good, they did a great job and also maintaining all our other sites now, professional, analytical and highly efficient, couldn’t recommend anyone else

Christian Fritz

CEO, ecosmarthub Bali


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