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How to Save OTA commission in Bali


At Qumasys, we are constantly looking for innovative and smart solutions that we can offer to our clients that they can be more profitable. Profitroom is the perfect partner with solutions hoteliers need and we are proud to be the exclusive distributor and solution partner for the ASEAN region.

The award-winning Profitroom platform is more than just the highest converting booking engine on the market – it’s a powerful marketing automation tool, advanced channel manager, CRM and website builder all in one. Supercharge direct bookings and stand out online with the leading booking engine on the market.


Key Benefits

  • Rapidly increase of your profits and save OTA commissios by inreasing the amount of direct bookings. Guaranteed!
  • Compile and offer finally packages tailored to your needs. Awesome!
  • Market and sell your outlets and activities indepentantly to an external audience. Unbeatable!

About Profitroom

Profitroom is the leading provider of SaaS technology and hotel marketing services for hotels and apartments. The comany employs around 150 people and has its headquarters in Poland with branches in Germany and United Kingdom. They are on the market since 2008. From the very beginning, they have been creating products that support the increase of hoteliers’ profits.

Profitroom’s intuitive interface enables efficient management of cross-channel online sales and includes unique tools like flexible occupancy rate management and allows for bulk updates of prices and restrictions. Easily connect to hundreds of free integrations and save time by connecting to OTAs on your own, with the new self-mapping feature.

Qumasys guides you how to choose the most effective communication channels and how to formulate the message in order to get the optimal results of marketing campaigns. Profitroom is created thanks to many years of cooperation with hundreds of hotel industry experts and this is why requirements and expectations are perfectly met.

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Act now and reduce your OTA dependency!

For more about Profitroom please visit: https://www.profitroom.com

If you have any further questions, please get in touch.

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