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Should I give a FUCK?

Introducing the “Fuck-o-meter” – your pocket-sized solution for those daily dilemmas when you just can’t decide whether to give a fuck or not. Tired of wasting precious fucks on trivial matters like mismatched socks or the neighbor’s dog barking at 3 AM? Look no further, because this nifty gadget is here to rescue your dwindling fuck supply! With cutting-edge technology and a healthy dose of humor, the Fuck-o-meter analyzes the situation, weighs the consequences, and then, with a cheeky beep, tells you whether to unleash the fuck-storm or simply move on with your blissfully fuck-free life. It’s the no-nonsense, no-fucks-given guide to navigating the chaos of the modern world. Say goodbye to fuck dilemmas – the Fuck-o-meter has got your fu-ture covered!

Thanks for giving a fuck!

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