Software is an interface. Between man and machine. The program code is linked to the machine. The design code to the human. Both sides are equal. Because even the most ingenious program is useless if the user cannot operate it. The target: To design best user experience.

»Simple. Sophisticated. And Neat.«

Well-known mantra of the mastermind of UX design. Carefully designed products that are not only visually appealing but also create a simple and intuitive user experience are the key to the success of any good software. And as is so often the case, the simple is more difficult than the complex. How do you design the graphical user interface of software with intricate program structures and complex logic? The tools are always the same. Buttons. Ribbons. Fields. Lists. All control elements that simulate haptics and visualize functions for the user.

»Don‘t make me think.«

If expectations conform, suitability for use is the logical consequence. The graphical user interface is the face of today’s computing world. Use the skills. Usability.