With excellent customer service and support. First. Second. Third. Service levels that classify support levels. Decisive in the selection. The criticality of the supervised application depends on its purpose. The more serious the direct and indirect effects of malfunctioning software, the higher the selected support level must be.

First level

User help desk and first point of contact for all incoming support inquiries. The focus is on supporting users during operation.

Second level

In the case of complex problems, the first-level support receives support from qualified system administration experts. You have in-depth knowledge of the installation, configuration and maintenance of the application.

Third level

It is made up of software development specialists and represents the highest escalation level within the support organization. In addition to the knowledge of the available support staff, other quality criteria play an important role. Quota. Availability. Reaction time. Clearly defined rules fixed in a support contract create reliability. So that the right expert is always at your side in an emergency. 

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